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Welcome to the Bruins!
by posted 10/21/2019

Good Morning and welcome to the BRUINS!

This is Coach Elliott and I am super excited to get this season underway! For those of you I haven't met yet, I'm looking for the opportunity to meet and get to know you and your kids. I know what a huge responsibility it is to be entrusted with your children over the next several months and I want you to know, I will not take it lightly. 

I only have a couple goals and expectations for the season. 

  1. Have Fun! I want the kids to have fun above all else. At the end of the season I want everybody screaming that they can't wait to play again next year. I'll consider anything else a failure on my part. 
  2. Continue to improve skills and foster their love for the sport of hockey. I want to see the kids grow week to week and be better than they were at the beginning.
  3. Maintain a positive experience for everyone involved. I don't believe in negativity and I won't use it in my coaching. I will also do my best to ensure that the kids are always building each other up.

I know there's alot of information going out this week, and things are going to move fast! I will send this information in an email as well, sorry for the duplication, but I don't want to miss anyone. 

Parent meeting:  Our ADM2 practices tonight from 7:30p-8:20p. I don't want to keep you late, but would everyone be available to have their kids ready for practice and meet a few minutes before hand at 7:15? I'd just like to meet those I don't know, and see what questions you have for me. I will plan on the far left side of the Chiller near the bleachers at that time.

Jerseys:  Practice jerseys should be available for pick up at the table before practice tonight. The jersey place gets backed up this week, I will call to see if they can get our names on or if I should wait till next week. I'm told we've got 2 different sizes, I will just plan on separating them 2011/2012 unless I see something different when I size them up at practice tonight. I don't know how many of each size I'll have yet either.

Assistant/Manager:  I could really use some help as an assistant coach and also a team manager. No experience necessary!  If you have any interest in one of those positions, please le me know and I can get you more information. 

Assistant:  Promote player hydration, maintain equipment, control bench doors, clean whiteboards and to remind the kids (and coach) how great they're doing. 

Manager(s):  Assist in the team communication, camaradarie, and organize snack schedules, etc. If we would like to do any intermission skates, outside tournaments, or parties. I would love someone to take lead on arranging those as well. 

Team Communication: I will do my best to make sure you all know as much as I know and when I know it. The last couple teams I've been a part of have set up facebook pages, and done their communication that way. I feel like it's worked well and I would like to do the same this year, so if you have any deep oppositions to facebook, or if that won't work for you let me know, and I will make sure I continue to communicate with you via other methods. I should be easy enough to find there, just look for my name and find the dumb looking guy standing with David Savard. Drop me a friend request and I can make sure I add the right people to our team page. 

Whew, that was more than I thought I'd have to say. Sorry to throw so much at you at once! Hope to see you tonight and let's Go Bruins!


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